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Potted Plant- Chain of Hearts

POT- Cement option

Colour: Mid-light grey

Size: 13cm D x 12cm H

Shape: Cylinder

Material: Smooth finish water-proof cement. No drainage hole.

POT- Pastel option

Colour: Available in 2 colour ways, Nude & Sea mist

Size: 13cm D x 12cm H

Shape: Cylinder

Material: Stoneware. No drainage hole


Light: Indoors- give it very bright light with no direct sun. Outdoors- Keep in bright shade with no direct sunlight. These are not tolerant to low levels of light.

Water: Prone to over-watering, if watered too regularly or left to sit in water, the chain of hearts can become water logged and get root rot. Allow to dry out to a moist state (not damp) in between waterings. This will vary throughout the seasons as the temperature varies and particularly in winter when it becomes dormant it will not require as much watering. As a general guide, water twice a week in Summer/Spring and once a week in Winter/Autumn.

Position:  Indoors- Light filled room. If near a near a window ensure it is not close to the hot glass if facing a westerly aspect in particular. Outdoors- Shaded outdoor position on a covered deck or balcony is perfect. In either environments they can be hung from a ceiling or beam or on a shelf to cascade down

Varieties: The chain of hearts come in a two of varieties with the following foliage colour:





As plants are a living thing, they can be affected by the elements of nature including weather and seasonal changes. Autumn and Winter in particular will see plants become dormant and grow at a far slower rate than Spring and Summer. It's also important to keep in mind that even at the start of Spring, due to dormancy in winter stock can still be smaller. Keep in mind that the size of the plants pictured can vary in height and/or fullness by up to 50%.We attempt to source and offer the best quality stock that is available to us and hope you understand that elements involving nature are out of our control. 

The chain of hearts can trail as long as 1.5m and as short as 30cm from the top of the pot.