Burleigh Brewing

Twisted Palms

Like  the place it calls home, the flavours in Burleigh Brewing Twisted Palm Tropical Pale Ale are relaxed and uncomplicated. The unique hopping regime delivers tropical aromas and characters of orange, mango and papaya. All sitting comfortably together.

The beach. The surf. The weather. The lifestyle. The locals. The vibe.

It’s laid-back and easy-going.

Nobody’s in much of a rush. Even when dodging the bush turkeys or the groms bombing the hill on their skateboards.

It feels a little bit old world. A place to just sit and chill.

Pandanus trees line the beach park. They’re pretty easy-going too. Neither palm nor pine, they’re happy to be called whatever you like. A bit like your best mate, you can just count on them to be there.

No wonder they inspired us when creating this deliciously laid-back brew.

(Tropical Pale Ale 4.2% ABV. 23 IBU. 7 EBC)