Just Plants- Festive edition

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Our "Just Plants" festive edition offers a plant and gift card combo, with your choice of wine, packaged and delivered to your door.
The current Edition features a range of Peperomia plants.
Complete with our custom made "leaf luggage" packaging and tissue paper and a gift card, it's a simple yet beautiful gift idea this Christmas


The Wine

Made using grapes from our organically certified vineyard. The Spring Seed Wine labels are unashamedly inspired by vintage flower seed packets created at the turn of the last century. The colour, clarity and beauty of the original seed packets are quite remarkable.

Your choice of the following blends:

The Plant

The peperomia is the perfect indoor plant that thrives in bright diffuse light. The Peperomia obtusifolia, more commonly known as the baby rubber tree has thick glossy, rounded leaves.

Varieties: There are over 1000 species in the peperomia family. We feature 5 selections, each displaying unique leaf patterns and colours. At checkout pick your first two colour preferences. We will endeavour to fulfil your first and then second choices but due to availability, may need to chose an alternative to your preferences.    






Size: Plastic pot measures 13cm D x 14.5cm H. The size and appearance of the plant may vary slightly throughout the seasons but from the base of the pot will measure approximately 30-40m.


Light: Place in an area with bright but diffuse light. Keep away from direct sunlight as this can cause the leaves to burn
Water:  Prefers moist but well drained soil, water approximately once a week.
Position: Inside, it can be placed in a well light living room, bedroom or office. Outside, it can be placed on a shaded deck or verandah ensuring its kept away from direct sun and water requirements are met may dry out more quickly outside in higher temperatures throughout the year.


We deliver to selected areas on the Gold Coast, Brisbane and Northern NSW 5 days a week Monday-Friday. Check that your delivery address is included in our service area here.

Keep in mond, that our items are perishable and if the receiver is not home, the property must be accessible for us to leave the goods in a safe position.

Remember that your order includes a gift card and you can leave your message for us to hand write in the notes section at check out