The Borrowed Nursery

Potted Plant- Spathiphyllum Lily

Light: The Spathiphyllum will toleratant to low levels of light. The more diffuse light they get though, the more likely they are unlikely to bloom. Keep away from direct light as the foliage will burn.

Water: Keep the soil evenly moist but not wet ensuring you water thoroughly when the soil just becomes dry but do not let the plant sit in water. It's best to not allow it to wilt, this when the leaves become droopy.  The Spathiphyllum will recover amazingly from wilting if you give it a big watering but keep in mind over time, you’re likely to see a lot of yellow leaves as  if it happens too often. Giving it a soak in the shower will also help remove any dust that might accumulate on its lush foliage.

Position: The Spathiphyllum will thrive in a range of indoor conditions with low- bright light. Great as an office desk top plant, bathroom or bedroom plant, just try not to keep too close to any windows that might receive too much direct light and heat.