The Borrowed Nursery

Potted Plant- Parlour Palm

Light: Chamaedorea elegans, or as it is more commonly known as, the parlour palm is fairly tolerant to low levels of light and is a very low maintenance indoor plant. Diffuse light is best, ensure to keep out of direct sunlight.

Water:Underwatering a Parlour Palm is better than overwatering. Water well then wait until just below the surface has dried out.

Position: Consider the lighting and water requirements above when finding the best location. Inside, it can be placed in a low-well lit living room, bedroom or office. Outside, it can be placed on a shaded deck or verandah ensuring its kept away from direct sun and water requirements are met. It may dry out more quicker outside and in higher temperatures throughout the seasons.

As plants are a living thing, they can be affected by the elements of nature including weather and seasonal changes. Autumn and Winter in particular will see plants become dormant and grow at a far slower rate than Spring and Summer. It's also important to keep in mind that even at the start of Spring, due to dormancy in winter stock can still be smaller. Keep in mind that the size of the plants pictured can vary in height and/or fullness by up to 50%.We attempt to source and offer the best quality stock that is available to us and hope you understand that elements involving nature are out of our control.