Potted-Cement Edition- Syngonium

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Our Potted range offers a carefully selected plant and a ceramic pot combination.
Presented in a gift box with our custom tissue paper and a seeded paper gift card, it's a simple yet beautiful gift option.

The cement pot pictured comes in a raw but sealed finish. With no drainage hole, it's intended to act as a container/ cover pot. 
14cmW x 14cmH

Paired with your choice of syngonium, it's a lush option suitable for a range of interiors.


Make your gift extra special and upgrade to include a bottle of your choice of wine for $25:

Pinot noir 



The syngonium is a great indoor option. With lush foliage, available in a variety of options.


Pink/ Neon :


Size: Plastic pot measures 12.5cmD x 12cmH. The size and appearance of the plant may vary slightly throughout the seasons .

Light: The Syngonium does best in a bright but diffuse light. Keep away from direct sunlight as this can cause the leaves to burn. The syngonium can tolerate some periods of low light.

Water: Whilst it does like moisture, it should not be kept too wet. As the syngonium does well in humid conditions, it can benefit from a regular misting in addition to a watering approximately once to twice a week- more in warmer season and less in cooler

Position: Consider the lighting and water requirements above when finding the best location for the syngonium. Inside, it can be placed in a well light living room, bedroom or office. Outside, it can be placed on a shaded deck or verandah ensuring its kept away from direct sun and water requirements are met. It may dry out more quicker outside and in higher temperatures throughout the seasons.


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